Professor Catalin TANASE, PhD – University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Iasi, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy


Ana COJOCARIU, PhD – Botanic Garden "Anastasie Fatu" Iasi


Academician Tamás PÓCS, PhD – Academy of Science, Hungary
Associate Professor Lacramioara IVANESCU, PhD. – University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi
Professor Vasile CRISTEA, PhD – University “Babes-Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca
Professor Tatiana Eugenia SESAN, PhD – University of Bucharest, corresponding member of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry
Professor Anca SARBU, PhD – University of Bucharest
Professor Luis NAVARRO, PhD – University of Vigo, Spain
Professor Attila J. KOVÁCS, PhD – University of West Hungary, Savaria Univ. Centre, Biological Institute, SZOMBATHELY
Associate Professor Laura MOMEU, PhD – University “Babes-Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca
Research Specialist Antoaneta PETROVA, PhD – Botanic Garden, Academy of Science, Bulgaria
Research Specialist Henrik SJÖMAN, PhD – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Landscape Management, Design and Construction
Research Specialist Giles Cassidy THELEN, PhD – University of Montana, Division of Biological Sciences, Missoula, Montana, U.S.A.
Karol MARHOLD, PhD – Institute of Botany, Academy of Science, Slovakia
Adrian OPREA, PhD – Botanic Garden "Anastasie Fatu" Iasi


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